Stone Island

The Stone Island buttoned label has become a real fashion accessory. What about this Italian brand, doubtlessly popular and successful for 30 years? Stone Island is a reference in the Italian sportswear and technical fashion brand field. Unique and unrivaled, all the Stone Island pieces are made according to surprising and original making processes.

From the beginning of the 70’s,Massimo Osti, an Italian designer fond of vintage, has begun being interested in the surplus of military clothes. Obstinate, he worked on the cuts, the materials, the colors and the functionalities of these old Italian uniforms. As a chemist, Massimo Osti started to create in a laboratory and naturally impose a men fashion turning point. The jacket became the flagship of the brand.

What about the name Stone Island? The first collection drew a sailing atmosphere and remembered the old oilskins eroded by the sea and the wind. The embroidered label  represents a wind rose and hasn’t changed since 1982! The rose can be either black or white but still remains attractive!