Philippe Model

créateur de baskets

Since 2008, Philippe Model sneakers have become a real fashion phenomenon. Tropez, Bike or Mixage, these items seduce style lovers thanks to their patina, their color and their vintage effect. With a chino trouser or a jean’s, our comfort and our elegance are enhanced.

Playing with colors, prints and effects, the designer Philippe Model proposes singular and original pieces, which keep charming men who know how to be cool. Innovative and sophisticated, these sneakers are made from a quality leather. More or less exuberant, Philippe Model sneakers are still fully detailed. Very appropriate to whom get dressed with a huge personality.

Fine materials and craft techniques are extremely well respected by the designer. Philippe Model sneakers are then the synthesis of a constantly updated know-how. Fashioned in Riviera del Brenta, near Venetia, Philippe Model sneakers are thought according to the greatest Italian tradition which symbolizes high level quality standards in footwear industry.